iATS Complaints Procedure

iATS operates a Complaints Procedure for anyone who wishes to lodge a complaint about any member organisation or any individual tester, or indeed against iATS itself. iATS welcomes complaints from members of the public, air testers and other stakeholders as a potential opportunity to improve standards across the industry and to eliminate bad practice.

Summary of Complaints Process

Air pressure test complaints

In the first instance where a complaint relates to an air pressure test it should be sent by email or letter to the tester who carried out the test.

If the complaint is not resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant, or for whatever reason they are unable to contact the tester, the complaint should be sent to the Scheme Coordinator if the tester in question is registered with iATS.

iATS Scheme complaints

Complaints should be emailed or sent by letter to the Scheme Coordinator. The full iATS complaints process can be accessed here.

iATS would like to point out that the legal statutory rights of the consumer are not affected should they wish to participate in the schemes complaints process.