On 17th October 2019, the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) released a revised draft of TM23: Testing buildings for air leakage, for consultation. This was in response to the Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Governments (MHCLG) consultation on The Future Homes Standard. Within this consultation it was proposed that the approved methodology for airtightness testing should be made independent of all organisations with an associated competent person scheme.

iATS released a draft response to CIBSEs TM23 on 20th December, and having given our members time to comment, iATS has now published our ‘final’ consultation response. Our overall key messages are:

  1. Having appropriate governance by CIBSE taking ownership of the testing methodology is a positive move.
  2. The proposed revised draft CIBSE TM23 document does however need further work to make sure it is structured for, and includes all required information for airtightness testers.

iATS Scheme Coordinator, Jennifer Hartley, states: “Thank you to all of our members who have taken the time to read through CIBSE TM23 and who have contributed to the consultation. We look forward to hearing the outcome and shall provide our full support to CIBSE to help enhance the TM23 document.”

To read the draft CIBSE TM23 document click here.

To read iATS final response click here.

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