Elmhurst has announced its first Pulse Training course for airtightness testers.

The course will be taking place 23rd June at Elmhurst’s headquarters in Lutterworth and give a total of 6 hours CPD.

This is a chance for airtightness testers to find out about this new airtightness testing method that’s recently been approved by MHCLG for inclusion in the Building Regulations in 2022.

During the course you’ll learn how to conduct Pulse tests and find out how it differs from the blower door method.

Tests can take as little as 6 seconds and do not require the removal of doors – which could be a massive benefit for those performing a number of tests.

Jason Hewins, acting iATS Scheme Coordinator, commented: “With the announcement from MHCLG that the Pulse method of airtightness testing will be an approved test method in Building Regulations next year many airtightness testers are curious as to how Pulse works and what its benefits are compared to the blower door method. We are delighted to launch this course which enables existing air tightness testers to get hands on experience with the equipment and be ready for when Pulse is introduced into Building Regulations in next year. With the introduction of mandatory air tightness testing for all new homes Pulse may offer an attractive alternative to the existing blower door method and completion of this course will allow you to submit Pulse tests into the iATS lodgement portal later in the year.

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More information about Pulse can be found on BTS’ website.

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