The long-awaited PAS 2035 framework has been released, which is the standard to which all retrofit energy efficiency measures should adhere to. But why is this good news for iATS members?

In order to meet the government’s target of net zero carbo emissions by 2050, the energy efficiency of the UK’s housing stock will need to improve significantly. The release of PAS 2035 marks the launch of the retrofit industry and ensures that the right measures are identified and installed correctly.

Part of this process may require an air tightness test to be carried out. This marks a huge opportunity for iATS members, who should hopefully see an increase in work and expanded client base.

iATS scheme coordinator Jennifer Hartley commented: “We are pleased to see so many references to the air permeability of building envelopes in the PAS 2035 standard. This is positive news for air tightness testers; although an air tightness test will not always be a requirement, a test may be deemed useful by the Retrofit coordinator irrespective of the assessed level of risk.”

Elmhurst members are already aware of this new retrofit scheme, which has led to the creation of Retrofit Assessors and Coordinators. iATS enjoys close links with Elmhurst, with a ‘Search for iATS Tester’ featuring in Elmhurst’s Design SAP software, and dedicated section on the website.

To find out more about PAS 2035, click here.

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