On the 23rd July 2021, Scottish Government released a consultation on proposed changes to energy standards within Scottish building regulations. The consultation also included related topics such as ventilation, overheating and electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

iATS communicated the publication of this consultation and summarised the changes for air tightness testers on the iATS members area.

To read iATS’s final consultation response click here.

Key messages

Having listened to member’s views iATS has now published our ‘final’ consultation response to the air tightness testing questions in Part 2. Our key messages are:

  1. All air tightness testers should be a member of an appropriate testing organisation
  2. All new homes should be subject to an airtightness test
  3. There should be an increase in airtightness testing of all new non-domestic buildings
  4. Pulse should be introduced as an alternative method of testing buildings
  5. An independent approved air tightness testing methodology should be adopted. The proposed revised draft CIBSE TM23 document does however need further work to make sure it is structured for, and includes all required information for air tightness testers

Comment from Jennifer Hartley, Scheme coordinator for iATS:

“We were very pleased that Scottish Government published the consultation on new energy standards for Scottish buildings. We believe the proposals in the consultation will bring an exciting future for the air tightness testing industry and we look forward to the publication of the new regulations next year.”

Expected adoption of results:

Subject to the outcome of the consultation, it is expected that changes will be brought into force in 2022.

Further reading:

To read the consultation click here.

To read the draft CIBSE TM23 document click here.