Recognised software for iATS members

Choosing the right software is essential for air tightness testers, to ensure it is compatible with your equipment and produces reliable data.

There are two main companies that iATS works with: Retrotec and The Energy Conservatory. Both are reputable companies which offer approved software and are highly regarded in the industry. iATS does not endorse using one particular software and for many air testers this will be down to personal preference.


The Energy Conservatory  The Energy Conservatory logo

The Energy Conservatory’s TECTITE software allows testers to conduct fully automated blower door tests, and is free to use.

You can download the latest version of TECTITE here.

There are number of different software options available, including mobile applications and desktop programmes.

Updates are not automatic and therefore testers will have to do this themselves using an installer file.

Please note that Tectite 4.0 has been designed specifically for the UK market.



Retrotec’s FanTestic software offers automated test fan operation, data collection and report generation and can be downloaded here.

Retroctec software is fully integrated with the iATS lodgement portal which allows for the seamless upload of assessments, eliminating the need for manual entry of data and minimising the risk of errors.

This software includes automatic updates and comes with the option of accessing a 30-day free trial.


Does it matter which software I use?

As previously mentioned this is purely down to what each air tester prefers. As long as the software is approved by iATS i.e. from Retrotec or The Energy Conservatory, you will be able to conduct tests and lodge through iATS secure lodgement portal.

iATS recommends trying out different software provisions to ensure you choose the one that feels right for you. If you would like any further information please contact iATS scheme coordinator Jennifer Hartley here.